Partner: UKA Consultancy Ltd

UKA Consultancy Ltd is a London based management consultancy with a regional office in Sierra Leone (West Africa) that is connecting Western businesses and investments to Africa. UKA Consultancy Ltd rendered services ranging from facilitating contract for both private and public businesses, project management, market research and Insight, recruitment, training, funding and insurance etc.

Partnerships & Collaborations

In many emerging markets including West Africa it is common practice for new entrants to partner with local businesses to deliver goods and services.
The local knowledge we provide combined with our international experience allows us to facilitate productive partnerships to successfully deliver goods and services in challenging environments.

UKA Consultancy works with businesses at both ends of the chain, local and international, to create mutually beneficial partnerships. In many cases we will be involved prior to the tender process all the way through to project management.
The respect of stringent sustainability standards, the introduction of innovative business solutions, and transparency position UKA Consultancy Ltd to serve as a model for sustainable business investment in Africa.  The company arose out of Brunel University’s Co-innovative Programme, and has created an exciting new platform that enables UK-West Africa innovation development. Our vision is to create positive, successful collaborations between Europe and Africa to ensure sustainable economic growth that benefits both Africa and the West.


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