Partners: Rokosan and Rokovia

I am collaborating with Adam Szoke from Rokosan and Rokovia in the production of organic fertilisers for the plantation.

ROKOSAN ltd. has been producing liquid and loose fertilizers for over 25 years. Rokosan’s technology is protected by national patents in USA, China and Russian Federation. Unique methods of utilization of animal waste express provide the ultimate solution for self-sufficient countries. To promote its idea globally, subsidiary Rokovia ltd. was formed.

The country with the production of animal waste (feathers, cattle horns and hooves) could be self-sufficient in the production of liquid fertilizers thanks to our technology. Food security would be ensured through its own bio-food production. The added value would be the export of fertilizer overproduction. The production of amino-acid fertilizers will ensure the growth of job opportunities and agricultural production. Sierra Leone can become pioneer of organic farming in Africa.

Common vision of Cacao Elegguá and Rokosan / Rokovia is to make world healthier and greener. Innovative methods in agriculture present the real solution for sustainable growth of food production.


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