Rainy season

It is rainy season in Sierra Leone.
Many people living in unsafe housing, in Freetown, have died following mudslides and flooding.
It is sad to witness these highly avoidable tragedies.
To me, helping the people of Sierra Leone is transferring knowledge to my community.

The Cacao Elegguá plantation hasn’t been affected by the flooding as it is located about 300 km from Freetown. But the beginning of the rainy season has been busy at the farm.
We’ve planted many crops, such as plantain, banana, cashew and papaya which are being  intercropped  with the cacao.
The cacao trees have then finally been transplanted from the nursery to 10 acres of  land.
If they are irrigated they will bear fruit in 2 and a half year. Without irrigation, they will take twice that time.
I am in the process of implementing a solar pump and will be experimenting with some  drip irrigation. We intend  to  commence our  irrigation  from October.

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Three months

I have just spent three whole months in Borgbuabu, and immersed myself in this great agroforestry project.
Three months that were tough and sometimes lonely.
Living on the plantation without way of communicating with the outside world was not always easy, but it enabled me to put all my energy in the project, make some definite, ground-breaking progress, and bring the Cacao Elegguá  vision to life.

For the project is so much more than the growing of cocoa trees.
I aspire to create a sustainable environment, where crops, plants and trees will complement and enrich one another. Livestock and bee pollination will be an integral part of the ecosystem.
The cocoa pods have been growing well in the nursery, as have the moringa, neem, and papaya.
I have also planted okras, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, as well as many other crops for consumption and revenue.
I’ve started creating roads around the plantation to  make the farm more accessible.
I’ve made good progress on the construction of the plantation outbuildings: dry toilets are complete, I am now concentrating on completing the bathroom, workshop, and goat pen.

Next, I will be telling you more about the making of our own organic fertiliser.