Muriel’s diary – day 4: it’s my birthday!

I was keen on coming to Sierra Leone in October, to bury the fateful date of my birthday.
Birthdays stopped being fun a few years into my thirties. And now, in the African bush, I have lost all notion of time and space.
Internet or phones do not work, it is a great disconnection.
We naturally wake up at 7am and whilst Desmond’s day starts immediately,  I just walk around the farm with Miles and Jason, Desmond’s friend who has traveled with us. We read books, reorganise the storage room (our hands on task for the stay) and hang out by the Barra.
I know today is special because, as the day draws to a close, people are coming and casually sitting on the benches of camp Eleggua. There’s also visitors that have come from Kenema. Very soon, a sound system is being installed and a huge pot of rice and sauce is being brought in.
The famous plum wine that was bought on the way to Kenema, and had remained untouched, is now open, and the party is starting.
It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and it’s a great party, with local music, great food and amazing company.
I couldn’t have asked for more!
I have a good feeling about the year ahead!


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