Muriel’s diary – day 1: a trip to Sierra Leone

It’s barely been a year since Desmond has secured the Cacao Elegguá plantation land, in an area called “Famanger” tucked between the villages of Borgbuabu and Gliema.
I am very excited to finally meet the community and see the progress of the farm for myself.

Getting to the plantation takes time.
The first stretch, from Freetown to Kenema is easy. The roads are great and there’s lots to see on the road. We’re able to buy fruits, local food and the national drink, a fruity soft drink called “Vimto”.
We even stop over in a village where we buy a big jerrican of Bamboo wine. No one is able to give us the recipe of this sweet and delicious alcoholic beverage, but we’re told it’s made with rice.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 14.50.52
Mainly great roads, and a challenging final stretch
On the road to Kenema. Beautiful cornrows, I asked this young lady whether I could take a picture to have it done to my hair

In the village, I get to sample the ladies toilets. They’re amazing. An outdoor space circled with leafy bamboos. There’s also bamboo leaves on the floor.
The final stretch of the trip starts in Kenema and ends at the plantation.
It’s a 2 hour drive of country roads with huge potholes.
Now I understand the benefit of a Land Rover. No other car would survive!

The night has set in when we finally reach Borgbuabu. And I see so many faces that greet us already. I’ve heard so much of this village, and now I’m finally here.
We’ll meet people again soon, as we must head to the plantation for the night.


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