Cacao Elegguá: a social project

The village of Borgbuabu, where my cocoa plantation is located is very small. It counts about one hundred souls.
Most villagers are smallhold farmers whose crops serve the purpose of feeding their family. There is also a carpenter, a builder and a blacksmith.
The school is run by three volunteers teachers, and the schoolkids pay a nominal registration school fee.

Borgbuabu school

Ninety nine percent of the inhabitants are illiterate. There is no electricity or telecommunication signal in the village.

The Cacao Elegguá project is committed to employing people from the village when possible. Its goal is to teach farmers about the latest sustainable agriculture techniques, so that they could in turn increase their production.
I ultimately plan to run several educational programmes with the assistance of volunteers.

Fostering durable change and working in conjunction with the local community is paramount to this project.

Des in camp Eleggua


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